Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday Flights of Fancy

So, with 'Friday Night is Music Night' on BBC Radio 2, we settled down to a lazy evening in, overjoyed to be joined by Patrick from upstairs for beers, pizza and chats, and Alex who popped in briefly between drinks with colleagues and home. The conversation drifted comfortably between film and music, Brixton and France. Patrick regaled us with his thoughts about various films, kindly jumping upstairs to fetch his Sherlock Holmes compendium, after I expressed an interest in reading it.

We gave him a crash course in Mario Kart, in which he showed some promise, but swiftly got sucked down the canyon.

The end of a hard, long week at work, I am tired. But awake at the promise of next week. Meeting Miranda and Nigel tomorrow, possibly in Shoreditch, with a day in Brighton with Theresa on Sunday.

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