Thursday, 21 January 2010

A Better Way

Since my office moved to Minories near Tower Hill tube in Oct 2008, my daily commute has consisted of getting the Victoria Line from Brixton to Victoria.

5 mins - Walk to Brixton Tube
10 mins - Tube from Brixton to Victoria
5 mins - Change at Victoria
20 mins - Tube from Victoria to Tower Hill
5 mins - Walk from Tower Hill to Office
TOTAL: 45 minutes

What a silly girl!

My new route is:
10 mins - Walk or bus to Stockwell
20 mins - Northern Line from Stockwell to London Bridge
15 mins - Walk from London Bridge to Office
TOTAL: 45 minutes

15 minutes more walking, no loss of time on commute. The only loss is the reading/thinking/zoning out time that sitting on the Tube gives you, though lots of people get off at London Bridge when I go back home so at least there is usually a seat for my limited Tube journey.

Slightly undone this morning when, not only did I walk to Brixton Tube this morning, but when I sat down I got the sinking feeling that I had left my laptop at home. Muttering a profanity and skipping off the train, I couldn't bear to retrace my steps back to Brixton Tube, and trundled on to Stockwell instead once I had picked up the missing item from home.

Felt pretty chilled out at the office today, lingering remenants of yesterday's Zen. Traidcraft came in to do a presentation and tasting of Fairtrade tea. What with them bringing biscuits, and there being plenty of Fairtrade chocolate in the office, I tried my best to match the chocolate gram per gram with fruit on my new fruit snacking plan, but not sure how the final tally lay.
Oh well!

Pondering a visit to the V&A tomorrow evening, as I didn't quite fit it in to my day off yesterday. The weekend again comes around so soon.

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