Tuesday, 5 January 2010


Back in London after a jaunt up north on my first day back at work. Having planned the transport meticulously, it took an hour and a half to take a 15 minute cab ride, thus throwing everything out of kilter. Could be worse though, another meeting attendee was snowed into their house. It was beautiful though, with the snow delicately slinging to trees and a complete white out in some areas on our way home on the train.

It is somewhat strange to be back, which proves I must have had a good and relaxing break. With some internal changes going over the next few months, I am pondering what the Spring and Summer will bring.

Once again I have been struck down in my prime by the irritating snuffles, which is making my evening of sorting out become somewhat of an evening of sitting down and watching the Futurama videos I found at the local charity shop. Sweet indulogence ...

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