Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The exhaustion of 2010

Woke up this mornin coughing and spluttering with an ever growing mountain of white tissues by my bed. I am a little frustrated that I have yet another cold, possibly another symptom of not running for 5 months, but it seems a little unfair. Am I really that unhealthy? Clearly more orange juice needed.

Worked from home today, more due to my delicacy of health rather than the snow. there was barely any falling until the afternoon in Brixton, but when it did it was splendid. Great tufts of fluff falling from the dusty white sky.

Managed to make some progress tidying the study this evening too. Charlie has been running his 30th birthday/Easter plans past me too ... sounds like great fun!

Sunshine forecast for tomorrow. Not for poor Mr Brown though, seems like my director was right when he said a leadership battle is imminent. I guess they are trying to get it done with as much time as possible before the election so they have a new spangly leader who can face nice Mr Cameron with pizzazz.

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