Saturday, 2 January 2010

A Quick Note

Started the day off by running 5km with Alex, took us around 33 mins and 47 seconds. Not bad for two bodies full of Christmas cheer! In full training now for the BUPA 10km in May, will hopefully be enough to get me back to being as trim and jaunty as I was last summer.

Ended up NOT in the pub yesterday, instead everybody poured round to ours for board games (ok, Ingenious is great fun) and chatting. A lovely, friendly way to start the new year.

So, the final 24 hours of freedom will be spent hastily rushing through the sorting out I need to complete before returning to work, all the tasks I have been meekly avoiding whilst getting my Zen back.

And I think it is back. The level of relaxation reached when leaving the spa with Andrew on Wednesday was pretty good and, despite a brief hiccup, has not left me since.

The only mild concern is a gradual leak from my right nostil and a slight tenderness in my throat. The beginning of something? Surely not ... aaaaa .... aaaaaatchooooooo!

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