Monday, 18 January 2010

#My least favourite things ...#

Have just provided someone, on request, with a list of foods I dislike/cannot eat. Not sure if it is long or short, or even complete for that matter. But quite strange to be an adult and yet find some foods truly so distasteful that if they were put on my plate I simply couldn't go near them.

1 - Sprouts
2 - Baked Beans
3 - Cauliflower
4 - Fresh Leaf Coriander (can cope in small quantities)
5 - Tinned Tuna
6 - Mayonnaise (unless made in the Hive)
7 - Peas (though again, can cope if needed)
8 - Offal

Quite a selection, from a variety of food groups. Definitely much shorter than in my childhood, but still reasonably significant.

Am full of beans (not baked ones, obviously) today, for reasons I can't quite fathom, but am clearly very appreciative of.

Am trying a new way of cleaning my face (will share more details if it actually manages to sort my skin out, looking reasonably good so far) and also trying to tackle the housework in small chunks. Both tips from dear Miranda, bless her!

Also, looking forward to a mid-January, winter-blues-beating, day off this Wednesday. Have booked in not only a haircut, but also the hot stone massage that my parents got me for my birthday last year. A bit late, but all the more appreciated for it.

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