Sunday, 31 January 2010

Brighton Rocks

Spoiled rotten by Theresa and Demitris, on a clear chilly Sunday in Brighton.

Was a jolly and social afternoon, with Keith, Danni and darling little Matilda joining us for lunch. She is just so GOOD! Plays happily with cars and balloons alike, no screaming, whinging or anything. I am sure she must have her moments (as all kids do), but it is a joy to see her grow from the cutest baby into a fantastic little girl.

Good to hear from David on Skype, Theresa and Charlie are going out to see him in April which sounds like a great trip. T and D seem very well, especially having just come back from jaunts to Greece and Israel to see family. Unsurprisingly, especially with Matilda there, the 'G' word came up ('Gra******dren'), but it doesn't bother me anymore. Having just spent a long weekend feeling supremely 'loved up' hanging out with Charlie Fish, I am very content and at peace with both myself and him.

Going for dinner with Andrew tomorrow to catch up and pick his brains on a few things. I can't help but feel that 2010 will be an interesting year ...

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