Wednesday, 27 January 2010

It's a Conspiracy!

Feeling very tired, after a few long days at work, and a few late nights at home. Decided to abandon some of my jobs for tonight to lazily watch QI while eating my dinner and writing this, and will try really really really hard to get to bed and to sleep by 10. Charlie is out at his lecture tonight.

Oh, in case you didn't know, Charlie has a couple of blogs. His film blog, where he has pledged to watch and review the IMDB Top 250 films, and also his writing blog, which hopefully gives an insight into the world of a fledgling screenwriter.

So, what is the conspiracy? A few things really ... the current investigation into the legality of the war in Iraq which seems to consist of a line of sheepish middle aged men saying "Ummm, the yanks told us to" and "Ummm, I changed my mind". Primary school children could give better excuses for forgetting their homework, "Ummm, the cat ran it over and ate it". Disappointing.

Plus I have just watched the end of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where he was interviewing a very smart, very open lady called Elizabeth Warren who explained that the reason the majority of Americans had been screwed over by being sold various dodgy mortgages and credit cards by banks is to maintain the status quo of making some more naughty middle aged men astronomically rich. Of course I knew this already, but it never hurts to refuel the fire.

Today at work, Joe Human gave a fantastic presentation where he talked about companies 'making a killing and actually killing people', referring to the levels of poverty caused by massively fluctuating commodity prices which are fuelled by the stock exchange and the futures market. More anger from me, the enormous greed of individuals hiding behind the shield of 'we're a company, we're here to make profits', when people working for such companies should at least be fully aware of the consequences of their actions (I feel I was in denial when I was at P&G, though at least that time is now in the past). Kind of like a meat eater being prepared to kill their own animals (still not round to this, only fish so far).

Makes me wonder why people wander round worrying about assassination and alien conspiracies, when there are so many more obvious and horrifyingly blatant conspiracies going on.

For our little part, we moved our banking from Barclays to Co-op at the end of last year. Barclays' customer service is pretty poor, and we wanted to move to Co-op for ethical reasons too, so we finally got round to it. My ISA is still with Barclays, as Charlie pointed out that it is helpful to ensure I don't have everything in one place, but I still think I will move it elsewhere, even of not to Co-op.

Might circle that on my to-do list ...

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