Monday, 11 January 2010

Crisp Creative Visions

Finished 'The Graveyard Book' today, one of my Christmas presents from Erika and Dan, and it was magnificent. Short, but it built a rich world, thick with wonder and tension. And apparently it is pushing 70k words ... and I am barely past 21k for my own little book.

Sigh, and it felt so short reading it. Did I read so fast because I was so desparate to see what happened? Of course :) So I need to keep writing so I can try and create something almost as beautiful.

Had a quiet evening in, finishing the book and having a bath. Everybody at work is sick, with colds and tonsil hell. I just hope my immune system can hold this latest barrage off!

Greece is booked for June, Dartmoor is booked for Easter, the year is coming together ...

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