Sunday, 17 January 2010

Birmingham Bliss!

Back from a relaxing weekend in Birmingham staying at Miranda and Nigel's. Had a fun evening with them, along with Jess and Gareth, as we went to a Moroccan restaurant, and today also went for relaxing brunch with Ruth today.

It is just a different lifestyle up there. Far fewer people, many good, comfortable, welcoming pubs, the city all focussed in one place. Moseley Village is very sweet. Although I didn't really know it when I lived in south Brum, it is quaint.

And how we laughed and laughed. I think there is something about the people that you have once shared a house with. As you have seen each other at everybody's worst and best, there is an air of relaxed enjoyment that comes so naturally.

And M&N's house is lovely, we were very spoilt with our own immaculate guest room. Splendid!

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