Tuesday, 29 March 2011

38 weeks and nearly cooked!

A good docs appointment today. Blood pressure and wee normal, and the head is even more engaged, now at 2/5. I am not surprised as the baby has been feeling much lower lately, and I have had achy hips and more waddling. Even though the head is so engaged, it is no indication that the baby will come early or even on time, but it definitely helps!

And, from having lots of energy, have been taking it easy today as was a little more tired, so indulged in a bath and an afternoon nap whilst listening to my latest indulgence, David Starkey's fabulous series on the UK monarchy which is all on 4OD.

Now spending the evening resting and trying to finish off the patchwork.

Have added a Queen of Games pic to last Saturday's post, and below are the beautiful results of Norris' kind evening of drawing yesterday:

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