Saturday, 19 March 2011

Sunny Day, Everything's A OK!

Woke up after a nice lie in to a pristine blue sky and beaming sunshine. Read through Charlie's script in bed and shared my feedback with him then, after a spot of lunch, met with Caroline in Brockwell Park. It was a lovely spot in the Lido cafe, next to the unspoilt blue of the empty outdoor pool, and good to have a proper chat.

Then we walked at my standard slow pace up the hill, around the pond and the landscaped garden, then to the next cafe for tea and cake which Caroline kindly treated me to as I seem to be completely rubbish at carrying cash with me these days.

Back into Brixton to meet with Charlie and Kirsten for a drink at the Ritzy, then back home with them both where Kirsten kindly made us a sweet potato curry while we watched the film 'Into the Wild'. It was incredibly immersive, though the ending was not what I expected (not that I really had any expectations as I had not heard of it before).

I also managed to make some good progress on my patchwork now all the pieces are ready to be sewn together ... am excited to see the finished product when I get there!

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