Thursday, 24 March 2011

An Ideal Home ...?

Had a bit of a lie in this morning, fortunately Fish caught up a bit on his sleep as he has had a very busy week, what with Queen of Games prep for Sat and various bits and pieces at work.

Then went to the Ideal Home exhibition with Mum, where we saw loads of crazy crap! Made me feel like a boring cynic, "Mum, do you really need that?", and it was very entertaining, but so many of the stalls were filled with pointless rubbish. From the Wonder-Shammy to various different mops, food mixers etc, they all seemed to promise happiness and I felt unconvinced that they would deliver! Maybe if one of them could change nappies automatically I might be interested ...

Anyway, we finished off by pootling round Peter Jones on Kings Road and having a cup of tea and a cake, and then went back to Brixton for a relaxing evening ... more patchwork awaits!

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