Sunday, 6 March 2011

Early Pancake Day

A swim with Alex at 11, where I felt ever more like the weight strapped to my middle was dragging me down more than I could propel myself forward. Yes, being in water is nice, but slightly unnerving to lose pretty much all my buoyancy.

Met with Charlie and his work friend Rich in the Hive for brunch, then went for a wander round Brixton and for a relaxing Chai and caramel shortbread at Morleys. It is an odd, liberating and simultaneously challenging feeling to have effectively reached the end of my 'to-do list'. Yes, of course there are still a few more things to do, but nothing too pressing or critical. So a novel experience just to relax ... properly relax, and not feeling like I need to multitask all the time.

Met with Andrew to have a wander and a chat along the Kings Road, then to Norris' for a Pancake Day spectacular. Some very dedicated pancake delivery, along with endless yummy fillings (have you ever tried raspberries, golden syrup and lemon juice?) made for a really cosy and fun evening.

The practice contractions seemed to come back, so was a bit uncomfy at the end of the night, so was pleased to get a bus home.

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