Monday, 14 March 2011

The Best Laid Plans of Kittens and Emmys

Up from about 5am, as Azuzu was pretty put out that we had closed the door to his favourite room (the spare room), and he wanted us to know it. So a bit dazed and confused at work today, but got through it ok. Strange but good to know I have only four days left before maternity leave. The commute can be a bit nerve-racking now, especially when lots of people pile onto the carriage. And even when it is supposed to be less busy, as soon as the train gets held up at a signal that means more people pile on at the next stop.

So, popped into the Fairtrade Fortnight gathering, but then went straight home to rest and get some jobs done. Cleaned the now empty nursery (which looks massive with no furniture) and retouched the walls all ready for the carpet to come in (once I have decided which carpet should go there ... interior designer I am not ... must try and get in touch with my inner Miranda!

Then packed my hospital bag, as I am now 36 weeks. Then cleaned the ensuite bathroom, which was sufficiently knackering to merit a bath afterwards. And did some bits of sorting out too ... and managed to watch a strangely festive episode of Glee.

So, now TOTALLY pooped, but feel like I have had a productive evening.

And Azuzu, if you want to try it on again tonight, you will not win ...

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