Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Babies and Mucus

Seems I did not get away unscathed from the cold I thought I had last week, as found myself coughing up some interesting things. Also still getting fairly interrupted sleep so felt rotten on my way into work.

Saw the doctors in the afternoon for my latest appointment. All is well, strong heartbeat (baby), good blood pressure (me), and it seems she know which way 'out' is as she is head down (baby, not the doctor).

Then, although I was feeling a bit rotten, still made it to the NCT class. They are a great bunch of people, very entertaining, and all realistic and positive about getting through the big unknown that is childbirth. Actually felt much better after the class, maybe the fresh air, and was very pleased to set up my new Macbook gleefully. Was a little unnerved by what I am pretty sure were practice contractions, but was good to feel that I am genuinely ready for whenever the big day comes (though would be good if you stay in for a bit longer please baby!).

Also got the internet working wirelessly again, which has been the main reason for limited blog posts recently.

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