Sunday, 13 March 2011

A Sunday of Rest

Met up with Alex and Andrew for a swim, where I found myself ever more trying to keep myself up out of the water, never mind propelling myself forwards. Still managed 20 lengths, though not even worth thinking about the speed I swam at.

Met Charlie for brunch afterwards. He had shaved off half his impressive beard, the left half to be precise, and was a bit late as he had been chatting with Jehovah's Witnesses at the door. Whether he was enjoying freaking them out with his facial hair weirdness, or was genuinely interested in the discussion, I don't know ... but the whole thing seemed to amuse him.

Beard now fully gone, the guys (now joined by Rich, Charlie's friend from work) very kindly took some furniture of ours to the charity shop, a long overdue job. And, as Charlie and Rich have been working on his website all afternoon, I have been taking it easy and making more progress on my patchwork project below. Am very pleased with it so far ...

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