Saturday, 12 March 2011

Charlie's Birthday!

Had a lovely lazy morning in bed, which included bringing in crumpets and a smoothie for my little Fish who has just turned 31. Forgot to eat lunch, for after meeting Theresa, Demitres, Erika and Dan at the Battersea Arts Centre, we nipped off to fill up on pie and chips at the next door chippie.

The play, The Red Shoes, was the usual excellent Kneehigh production, though with an ounce of extra weirdness than the other plays we have seen them do. Brief Encounter still ranks top, being the best play we have both ever seen, and Don Juan I think takes second place because it was so intensely passionate.

We all wandered round Battersea Park afterwards, will a little stop for the birthday cake I made last night ... ginger cake (to Alex's mum's recipe) with lemon icing, which went down very well despite the breeze blowing out the candles before Charlie could get to them. We then wandered to the Prince Albert pub for a drink or two before having dinner at Galapagos, our favourite restaurant in London south of the river (maybe except for the Hive, which wins on location being just around the corner). As always exceptionally good food at great value, plus the pudding was incredible ... warm spiced plums in a caramel sauce with crumble and cheesecake cream ... yummy!

Back home then to fit in a film before bed, Raising Arizona, which was silly and cartoonish ... so quite good to finish off the day!

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