Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Baby Day

With 2 hours of NHS antenatal class this morning, plus another 2 hours of NCT class this evening, feeling baby-fit today. A nice bunch of ladies at the NHS class, though pleased to feel confident that I have a broad and accurate knowledge base (i.e. I reckon I pretty much knew everything before I went in). Felt a bit like primary school, where you sit smugly because you know all the answers, but the teacher has to go at the pace of the slowest pupil ... not great for keeping my ego in check!

Realised today how much the sun makes everything feel better ... welcome back sun! Just glorious to be outside and feel bright and chirpy, rather than cold and drizzly.

NCT was even more jolly than usual, as we are now 6 sessions in we are all getting to used to each other, and went for a drink after the session. Again, a great group who I hope we will see more of ...

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