Saturday, 5 March 2011

A Cut Above ...

A lazy morning in bed, even despite the immense sleeping of Friday evening. As soon as I finished work on Friday I felt exhausted, and at 5:30 slept for 2.5 hours! Unlike me, even as sleepy as I am. I guess Thumper is still growing more than ever and it is just tiring. Alex and Andrew popped round to say hello and I went to bed early.

So, a relaxing morning in bed with Fish, with a quick phone call to Dad to say happy birthday. Then to Balham for a haircut. More off than usual, but only medium-drastic. Kind of a bob, bit below the chin, must post a picture!

Then visited a couple of supermarkets to see how they are selling Fairtrade Fortnight, whilst also popping in to see Fish as he was writing away in the Ritzy.

Home to put the roast lamb on, and then spent most of the evening compiling new playlists on my shiny new Mac, as I have nicked all of Charlie's/our music. Really satisfying to revisit good music.

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