Sunday, 20 March 2011

South Ken and Poker Face

All the best of intentions to get up and swim, but we arose at 11:30 knowing we needed to get to South Ken by 12:30 with no Victoria Line ... oh well!

We were therefore a little late, but was so lovely to see Robin, Marion, Dan and Erika. Robin has grown a 'gramps' beard, or maybe a captain's beard as they are now transitioning to canal boat life now the house in France has been sold. But after a busy 7 weeks, they both look really well. Had a fun lunch and then Erika, Dan, Charlie and I indulged in milkshakes and a sticky toffee waffle. Then Charlie and I took a quick walk around the V&A, before heading back to Brixton for a quick rest before going round to Alex's.

He had kindly cooked pasta as he hosted a poker evening for 8 of us, me, Charlie, Andrew, Norris, Liam, Fi, Kirsten and of course himself. Was really quite fun, and Charlie ended up winning, though was a v close thing between him and Andrew, and Norris came an extremely respectable third place.

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