Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Nursery? Tick! ... Rest of House? *Tumbleweed*

So, the nursery is finally finished! Everything looks fantastic, and I am so pleased. Below is nappy corner:

Felt a bit more wiped out today, probably after the prodigious efforts of yesterday. Made an attempt to watch the breastfeeding DVD, though had an emotional outburst as soon as I saw one of the babies being born ... after 8 months of happy hormones, seems fairly reasonable to have a bit of an outburst now and then. And as the DVD seemed to repeat what I learned in my NHS and NCT classes, thought I would give myself a break and just keep it in case needed as a memory booster.

Sorted the nursery, and went into the city to get my nursing bras. Hold onto your hats, as my nursing size is apparently 34J. Thanks to Bravissimo managed to find a couple of lovely bras, but their sizes didn't go any higher than that, so slightly thanking my lucky stars. Popped into John Lewis, and Morleys and Mothercare once back in Brixton, so pleased to get home and sit down for a bit.

NCT tonight, the last session, though the mums are meeting up next Mon and the dads are meeting next Tues, so will be almost like it doesn't stop!

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