Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Yoga and a Tidier House

Called Matty to wish him happy birthday, and sang to him on his voicemail.

Spent most of the day tidying our bedroom, sorting through making things, painting under our new radiator and other little sorting jobs (whilst of course having Starkey's 'Monarchy' on in the background), then to Brockwell Lido for antenatal yoga which again was hard but v worth it.

Charlie and I also sat down to figure out the TENS machine I rented to help me through the labour. I was a bit scared of it, not generally keen on putting electricity through my body, but we looked through the instructions and Charlie was happily acting as my guinea pig, "it just feels like an insect has landed on my arm ... now it feels like a little mouse ..." etc. So at least I know how to work it confidently now.

And then, to celebrate a lazy evening in together, we watched the film 'True Lies' ... pure cheese!

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