Saturday, 26 March 2011

King of Games V: Queen of Games

A very busy day competing (and helping out a bit) with the annual King of Games competition. Was a very well run day, even though a few people dropped out at the last minute which is always challenging, especially as compiling the schedule is a difficult task even for Charlie's brain.

A strong performance from me at Fictionary (Absolute Balderdash, though I came second to a v compelling performance from Liam), Scrabble, Mafia, though let it slip a bit with Jenga and Pictionary.

Very pleased and unsurprised to award Liam with the trophy this year, and was also pleased to find myself declared the Madre of Parlour Games, how appropriate! Louise, Jonathan, Mum, Dad, Matty, Greg, James C and Kirsten came back to ours for pizza, beers and more games, with Ingenious, Mafia and Go all being played throughout the evening ... turns out a full day of games is not enough for some!

Bed at midnight, knowing we were going to lose an hour, and knowing that tomorrow would also be a full and busy day!

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