Thursday, 31 March 2011


Spent a lovely day in Battersea with Erika K, first meeting up to have manicures and pedicures (very indulgent!), then back to hers to have soup. She very kindly gave me a relaxing hypno treatment, and then some reiki, and we basically spent the rest of the day chatting. Really good to spend proper time with her, just hanging out and drinking tea.

Gilly came round for dinner, good to see her, and Charlie also joined us a bit later. He had a day with lots of news, as he found out that a good friend of his' house had burnt down, then he found out that he has been offered a secondment at TfL (which seems to be for 18 months, much longer than expected) which he may well accept, and also that the novel he wrote at the end of 2010 was not shortlisted for the Terry Pratchett prize.

Lots of news of varying impact in one day!

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  1. It was a wonderful, perfect day! Very special!! Feel very lucky with my sister in laws. xxx