Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Back in at the Deep End :)

Went for a wonderful swim today, while Charlie took care of Penny for a while.

Was fine leaving her for the hour or so it took me, it just felt a bit like I had forgotten something.

And it turns out swimming after having a baby is wonderful for lots of reasons:
- Doing breaststroke again, and at a reasonable speed.
- Not feeling like you will sink from the big, heavy tummy.
- Having decent lung capacity again.
- Not needing to go to the toilet for a wee immediately before and afterwards.

So this, combined with a glass of wine, led to me falling asleep (as Penny did too, to be fair) whilst watching Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny on DVD with Fishy. Though not sure I missed much ...

... and then an impressive 'nappy episode' before bed.

Also, went to the docs who said there is nothing they can do for her highness' spots, and also we finally had all 6 NCT babies in the pub together in the afternoon ... Penny looks like a giant, especially next to little Clara.

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