Saturday, 14 May 2011

To inspire her with beauty

Up reasonably smartish for a Saturday so I could escape for my well deserved swim. Then back to pick up Penny to start the day's adventure, which consisted of avoiding another full day of Charlie playing D&D with Kirsten, James C and Greg. Lovely people, but I have twice now stayed in while the game was going on, and although I was never involved, I seemed to be incredibly unproductive on those days ... so out of the house it is!

One of my biggest maternity leave plans was always to get to know the Victoria & Albert Museum better. And, as it does not get so much busier at the weekend, this was where we headed to. And such a good choice! We made a 'P' for Penny at a free craft workshop (well, Penny slept, but she was much admired by the other participants), and wandered through some of the upper floors. I especially enjoyed the jewellery and the wrought iron, and made a mental note to get tickets to the Cult of Beauty exhibition.

Then, having bumped into an FTF colleague, we popped into Harrods. Penny was awake at this point and was captivated with all the opulent things she could see, from vibrant handbags to a shiny metallic chess set. Expensive tastes!

Indulged in some v posh cheese, scones, clotted cream, jam and wine to take back to Andrew's for Eurovision with him and Norris. A fun camp-fest as per usual, and our ratings system (Costume, Dance, 'Hotness', Song and Gimmick being our criteria) seemed to miss the Azerbaijan mark.

Home late, and D&D still going. Bed even later after a long and fun day.

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