Monday, 30 May 2011

Jobs, Japes and Chilling Out

After a very big feed last night I heard a little laugh come from Penny ... priceless!

Anyway, she had another good night where she slept from 12-5 (about 3 in a row now), and happily went back to sleep again after her feed.

Met up with the NCT guys, gals and babies at the Florence, which was hot and busy as it was a bank holiday. Everybody seems well, and the babies are all growing happily.

Then an evening trying to squeeze in various tidying jobs around sorting out Penny, who seemed grizzly having not slept at all in the day. Tired but unable to drop off to sleep without lying on me, making me unable to continue my jobs ... sigh!

Have added some wedding pics to Saturday's post! I love the one of Keith and Charlie and their baby girls.

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