Monday, 9 May 2011

Visitors and Daily Chores

Decided to make a docs appointment for Penny's spotty skin, as I felt 4 weeks has been enough time to let it sort itself out and it flared up again this morning.

Then a lovely cuppa with Norris' parents Anne & John, who were in London and of course eager to meet Penny. Great to see them.

Then stayed in to receive a package for Charlie, and also one for me it turned out. An afternoon in Brixton, getting jobs done, including getting passport photos of Penny, very funny and NOT flattering ... poor Penny. Also had a read of one of the papers I printed off before I left work about Cafe Direct and their marketing strategy over time.

Charlie was home late again, he seems busier than ever these days, so I indulged in Glee as Penny slept!

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