Saturday, 21 May 2011

Park Wandering

A lazy morning with Penny, followed by a tear-free bath for her (hooray!) as we pootled out of the house so Charlie could do a recorded interview with a teacher fan of his from India, so she could show her students.

The second outing for the pram, we picked up a few bits and pieces, and then went for a walk around the park. As the Lido cafe was packed, we did a circuit of the park (punctuated by a feed when her highness had a sudden fit), then back to Brixton for a wander into KFC then back home.

Made a Shepherds Pie for Robin and Marion, who were dropping the video camera off, and also for Matthew who was in London watching the Rugby. Along with a massive pile of fresh strawberries and cream, and a lot of Penny cuddles, was lovely to see them all. Finished the day off with Dr Who, which was particularly scary this week.

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