Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Jabs and Jaunts

The most pathetic and sweet screams from Penny as she had her first jabs today. But she calmed down after a feed. And the rest of the healthcheck went very well, 11lb 11oz and in great nick in every sense.

Then off to Spalding where we were met in the sunny afternoon by Mum and Dad ... or rather Granny and Grandad. Then home to relax, drink tea, eat cake and generally coo over the baby. She was a bit grizzly and changeable all day, though kind of fair enough as someone poked daggers in her legs in the morning.

Lovely to be here, very relaxed and being looking after as only parents (or grandparents) know how. And a call from Fish who is having a wonderful time at the wedding, though missing his dance partner ... sweet :)

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