Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Hard Day

Got a bit worked up last night, as I realised that childbirth has taken its toll and I have not mended down below quite as well as I hoped.

So, not being able to sleep particularly well, spent the night doing what everybody does these days, checking out all the many variables on the internet.

Called the docs, and was disappointed to hear I couldn't see my doc till 7th June. So promptly burst into tears when taking Penny for her regular visit to the Health Visitor, as I explained that Penny was fine but Mummy wasn't doing too well.

I think the stress of thinking about it all and the lack of sleep has triggered a day of teary hormones ... hardly surprising for a new Mum.

So, as she recommended, I went back to the docs where I found out they do emergency appointments in the afternoon. And after a few hours of Sex and the City, Penny and I went back. And it was reassuring ... all normal given it has only been 6 weeks (hang on, it sounds just like when I went to see them for my hip!). The doc was sympathetic but clear, and supportive of me coming back soon to get checked again.

So, felt a bit better as I pootled round Brixton with Penny. Karma made up for the way I was feeling by making Penny extra good, super sweet and just a complete dear. I am so madly in love with her! And at 10lb 14oz now, I am overjoyed that she is so happy and well.

Now a relaxing evening in with Fish, with further chilledoutness lying ahead over the long weekend. He has been so supportive ... I am very lucky to have him and Penny looking after me!

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