Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Another 'lie-in' today ... I should really stop calling them that, as I am only trying to catch up on as much sleep as possible given the nighttime interruptions. Had a lovely long chat with Rachel K, good to hear how well she is doing with Freddie and Isla, and then went on to arrange plans with Marianne and Elle & Eva.

Then to the Commercial to meet with Claire & Leo, and Jo & Hermione. All seemed on good form, and Penny was pretty chilled out.

Then met with Emma H at Brockwell Park Lido cafe for a quick catch up, as she is now over a week overdue. She is dealing with it pretty well, and I hope it comes along soon so she doesn't have to make any decisions about inducing.

Then back home to meet up with Uncle Matty, who is in London to say hello to his favourite niece.

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