Tuesday, 10 May 2011

E, E, E & P

A visit from Elle and Eva today. Lovely to see them and to catch up, and to see how big Eva has become. Also an insight into how un-childproof our house is ... that will be fun to sort out once Penny is more mobile(!)

We wandered through Brixton, picking up the elusive washable nappy liners from Mothercare, and then going for a wander around Brixton Market.

Also, have charted some of the data I have about Penny's current 'routine', or lack of it, and good to see there are some trends emerging. And good to remind myself of how helpful it is that she sleeps well in the night, even if there are interruptions.

Had a lovely evening with Fish, enjoying our first really BIG smile from Penny, and playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 together after dinner ... magic!

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