Saturday, 28 May 2011


Up at 9, though we were up before our alarm clocks as Penny rose at 8, to gather everything together for driving to Nick and Becky's wedding. Having joined a car club, we booked a car for the day to give us some flexibility, especially with the baby. Was incredibly easy to drive again, I am more surprised than ever at how quickly it came back.

Made it to the church in Reigate in plenty of time to seek out some Fish & Chips. Really great to see Clare, James F and all the others. We had to manage a couple of poo-splosions, but we took our time and it was ok.

In fact the whole day was very touching and sweet, personal and happy. Chatted a lot with Danni and Clare, had a bit of a dance both with Penny and, when Clare was expertly holding her, just by ourselves. When Penny was being babysat by Clare we also went outside to enjoy the fabulous view of the rolling hills and the lake. Gorgeous!

Left at about 10, good to feel we didn't really miss out on anything due to little P ... and lovely to introduce her to everybody. Now exhausted, especially poor Fish who is having to figure out his travelling and packing for tomorrow.

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