Sunday, 8 May 2011

Dixit Days

Met with Andrew, Alex, Norris and Liam for brunch and a game of Dixit. I did pretty badly after a good start, but it was still lots of fun. A, A and N had been for a swim, but as Charlie was at a Go tournament, I couldn't sneak off to join them this week even though I am ready to start exercising again now.

Dixit was fun as ever, and then had a wander round Brixton, yet another thwarted attempt to find liners for our reusable nappies ... the whole world seems to use disposables. Then back home for a zoned out afternoon till Charlie came back to find me and Penny zonked out.

He and Kirsten spent the evening playing Heroscape, Charlie's second recently acquired time-consuming super-geeky obsession along with Dungeons & Dragons. Yet more chilling out on my part (Spirited Away and How to Lose Friends and Alienate People) while Penny caught up on some sleep having been awake all day.

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