Thursday, 5 May 2011

Happy Chubby Baby

Penny is now 10lbs! The Health Visitor is very pleased with her progress, which is wonderful news.

Having spoken to a couple of the NCT ladies yesterday, I realise that I need to be careful about the amount of sleep I am losing through nighttime feeds. She was very good to begin with last night, sleeping from 12-4, but then would not go down again after her feed, and was up again at a bit before 7. Which all makes for a slightly sleepy Mummy.

Made sure I cast my YES TO AV vote, and then Matty came round for a cup of tea before we went to join Kirsten at the Ritzy for lunch. Then back to Kirstens for a cup of tea and a delicious slice of a chocolate cake she had just baked. M and K also popped back to the house to help Patrick with getting a wardrobe down the stairs while I fed Penny, v kind of them.

Then to Brockwell Park to visit Di and Noah (14 months) and Sarah and Archie (7 months), two old colleagues of mine and their sons. The both seemed to be dealing with the added complications of walking and weaning very well, though it made me grateful that Penny is still very compact and simple in her demands for the time being.

Scampered back home to see if we could squeeze in meeting Erika and Sam A, who was over briefly from Cardiff, but they didn't manage to get to Brixton as they were still having food in Waterloo, so they decided they didn't have time before Sam needed to catch her train from Paddington. A shame, but hopefully we will see her in the summer.

So am now quite happily taking it easy with Penny, after another busy and social day. And maybe some more sleep is needed. Phew!

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