Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Out in the Country

As predicted, massively tired on waking, but knew I need to get up to spend a lovely day with Marianne, her son and new daughter, way down south west in the country.

A chilled out train journey to Winchfield later, we wrestled with 3 carseats and ended up at a lovely cafe in the village of Hartley Wintney to chat and catch up. After many many lunches during our respective pregnancies, it felt good and natural to be catching up properly again.

After tea in the sunny garden at M's house, back into London. Immediately regretted leaving it till rush hour to get back as the bus was packed and hard to navigate with baby, bag and carseat.

A chilled out evening to rebalance ... though hard to manage a grimbly baby whilst trying to relax, she is much more changeable now!

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