Thursday, 26 May 2011

Milk Donation

I am a pincushion!

Went to St Thomas' hospital to get tested and kitted up for donating breast milk, as I seem to have plenty available. And, having mentioned to the doctor that I have bad veins for getting blood from, she then proved me right by trying first in my elbow, then on the side of my wrist, and then (successfully) on the veiny bit of my wrist (which has now bruised). It did hurt, and bless her, Penny did not like it when they were hurting me and so started to yelp a bit in sympathy, completely stopping when it was over. Solidarity, little dude.

So I now have my own little milk factory, bottling up 100ml at a time and filling up my freezer, until there is 2l for the courier to take away. Groovy! Plus started off well today with a whole 100ml, well done ladies!

Also, ran into a lady clearly in labour in the hospital lift. I said good luck, and she asked me how it was with the baby. I said, like the birth, there is nothing quite like it. And then I recommended for her to just focus on the birth being done. I felt for her.

Erika and Dan came round for dinner, lasagne followed by my take on a dessert we had at the fabulous Galapagos restaurant once: spiced plums in caramel sauce, with cheesecake cream and crumble topping. I added raspberries, as Brixton had no more plums to add to the punnet I already had in stock. It was pretty good, and I think I know how to improve it for next time too.

A fun relaxed evening overall, especially amusing when Dan and Penny were counting bicycles together (to make her forget her grizzles).

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