Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Return to Brum

An early start, getting up for the 6am feed and staying awake so I could catch an early train from Marylebone to Birmingham. Penny was a doll, sleeping on the train so I also slept. Arriving in the twee Moor Street Station, the Bullring felt familiar and friendly to my eyes too. Had a wander round before meeting up with Tor and Orla at Cafe Rouge.

Was so good to see her again. Of all my friends, she is the person I really should see more of being an old friend from uni, but we just never got in the habit of getting it in the diary. We had an indulgently protracted lunch, chatting endlessly (mostly about babies, as the biggest thing in both of our lives at the moment) and feeding the girls at various points.

After an afternoon of wandering aimlessly round Birmingham, chatting and glancing at baby clothes, we then met with Ruth and Miranda in Starbucks. Lovely to see them, if only briefly, and they both seemed well. Good for Ruth to see P again, and to introduce her to Miranda.

Then back on the train home, feeling more and more tired but good after a long day.

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