Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Real World

Up 3 times in the night, so caught up on a bit of sleep. Then on with the day's routine ... breakfast, some writing, tidying, wash and tumble nappies, lunch, then an afternoon project.

Which today was going into London to pick up some bits and pieces. Even with a child strapped to my front, I still get annoyed by the painful pace people walk along Oxford Street.

Finally got hold of some fabulous new red trainers from Timberland, to replace my old beat up blue Timberlands that finally broke a couple of years ago, and to stop me further ruining my running shoes.

Penny was as good as gold, and slept through most of the trip. It is now a month since the birth, and I definitely feel 98% recovered now ... and she is a cuddly-wuddly dream!

Chilled out evening in, having a bath and hanging out with Fish ... bliss!

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